Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dream of Tulips

Dream of Tulips, originally uploaded by [PhotoNerd].

Lovely way to composed for these tulips.
And their white color look great with that nice sky !

Tripping the light fantastic

Wow! Such a high quality piece of work. The light is amazing, the colors are fantastic, and all together makes for such a beautiful and interesting scene! I wonder why it has been abandoned? The building still seems alive with the spirits and energy of patrons past! Nice job and thanks for sharing in A Big Fave

If we dance??/ Si nous dansions??

Ok. I am into shoes :) A little. Nothing to worry about ;) But I realy do like this. Amazing light. Wonderfull story in just a single image. Great to have you as part of ABigFav!

Mallard synchronized dabbling

Mallard synchronized dabbling, originally uploaded by wolfpix.

I totally laughed out loud at this photo!!!

, originally uploaded by mikapon.

The lighting, color and simplicity make for such a perfect shot! Beautiful!!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Mei Lan sleeping

Mei Lan sleeping, originally uploaded by Pops..

What can I say? I had to blog this for the cute factor alone! If you look at this and don't smile, then your heart must be made out of stone!

Fligh with me!

Fligh with me!, originally uploaded by Batram.

Such a stunning view in HDR, and I love the sepia toning in this. That sky is astounding!


x-----x-----x-----, originally uploaded by Serni.

I found this yesterday while looking through the BigFave pool and faved it, but I keep coming back to it for some reason. There's just something about this photo that I find really moving. Perhaps it's the simple, unique composition, the wonderful golden tones, or the mist in the background, but I feel peaceful every time I see it. Nice work!

He decidido embotellar mis fotos

A wonderfully creative and unique photo!

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts, originally uploaded by l_inda_gail.


Photo from strelitzia

, originally uploaded by strelitzia.

Wonderful in simplicity. The water droplets look great with a dark background.

Fantastic work !

The S curve as captured on PCH..

Back in time. I am cruising the ABigFav archives. Found this one. An awesome long time exposure.


FoG, originally uploaded by T Glow.

Thats exactly, what we have here in sothern germany today. Very much fog. The difference is: Tadeu captured it in a very perfect way. I only had to drive through. Nevertheless. It's a pleasure to have such a gifted photographer taking part in our wonderfull group. ABigThankYou for sharing your awesome view!

Land of Lilliput

Land of Lilliput, originally uploaded by graphicgreg.

Beautiful detail of a very interesting plant. This makes me think of some kind of alien life form. I love the tones and the saturation in the green. Fantastic work!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

the sound

the sound, originally uploaded by michaelangela.

There were so many high quality photos in the pool of A Big Fave today, it was impossible for me to pick just one to blog! Congratulations to all our members for keeping up such a high quality of work! I love this beautiful landscape photo from the Lake District in the UK. Such serene stillness and beauty!

The morning grind

the morning grind, originally uploaded by snapsforgeisha.

The playful view of morning essential. With great use of dof, this coffee photo really stands out !

Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain, originally uploaded by handcanons.

This photo shows the dramatic and ever-changing face of nature. A quick snowstorm covers a mountaintop and for one fleeting moment, a beautiful snowscape!

Time to Relaxing

Time to Relaxing, originally uploaded by R.E.M. ².

Amazing tones. B/w is not my favorite style. But sometimes I come across a wonderfully composed image. This one by R.E.M is a must see! Congratulations! And a BigThankYou for beeing a member of ABigFav!!

Falling ...

Falling ..., originally uploaded by Christiane Michaud.

Simple, yet so beautiful!

correntes serpentes

correntes serpentes, originally uploaded by wagner campelo.

Today, it seems as if I see things a little bit different. After finding santa clause before, I found some golden snakes .. Awesome!

weathered life

weathered life, originally uploaded by servo..

The first amazing find here on my cruise througth ABigFav today. Even if summer is finaly comming, this one reminds me of someone only seen in deepest winter times. You know what I mean! ;)

I love how they defy the laws of gravity

Many butterfly and flower photos on Flickr, but this one with unusual view point make it more interesting. Oh! and I forget to say it's very beautiful too !

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

032807 tulips 2

032807 tulips 2, originally uploaded by petervanallen.

I stumbled upon this shot in the pool and it reminded me how glad I am that it is finally spring. This is just so gorgeous I had to blog it.

Spring has come 2007

spring has come 2007, originally uploaded by Kanko*.

It's nice to see flowers composition that contain beautiful architecture, with interesting perspective to boost !

Editors note on commenting...

I've just changed the blog settings here to disable commenting on this blog. Please be sure to comment on the ones you like here by clicking through to the photo on flickr. All the blogged photos here link to their flickr photo page, so you can fave or comment on any of these lovely works by clicking on the photo.

-Drew & The Big Faves Volunteer Team

Blue Jay

Blue Jay, originally uploaded by Dixie Native.

The Blue Jay is striking!

Early in the mornin'

Early in the mornin', originally uploaded by iceman9294.

A wonderful, magical sunrise! I love the composition of this photo and the warm, rich colors.

Motion Thread Winners

"ZoomZoom"by Cobby17


Honorable mention goes to:

"set in motion"by ༺lifemage༻

set in motion


"The great domino experiment"by VickerMonkee

The great domino experiment

Congratulations to our winners!!!

first circle

first circle, originally uploaded by LynchburgVirginia.

Arctic Ponies

Arctic Ponies, originally uploaded by oskarpall.

This exposure is just so simply stunning I have no words to describe it. It truly tells a story and takes the viewer to another time and place. Wow!


Myrtle, originally uploaded by Mark Schurig.

I just love the subtle shading and the beautiful purple tones in this tiny little flower. Such a happy image which says spring is here!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Grafará and Ennishnjúkur in the back

This beautiful and surreal photograph made me gasp in astonishment and awe! This is a truly stunning photograph of a very interesting, dramatic, and exciting part of the world! Thank you for sharing with us such a special place!


torches, originally uploaded by zenmasterlauren.

Very creative use with that fire in the background to light up these wonderful torches !

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Glory, originally uploaded by Melissa_A.

This is an amazing shot with a fantastic background and composition/cropping. There is also touching story behind this photo.

Melissa_A writes:

This glorious eagle is dedicated to my Father.
Today he would have been 78 years old.
His favorite animal was the Bald Eagle.
My father was a Korean War Veteran whom was in the
United States Army 7th Calvary E Company.
Only 13 from that company came back home.
So Dad today on your birthday I dedicate this
glorious Eagle looking to the Heavens.
You are gone but not forgotten. Happy Birthday!

Melissa, this is an awesome tribute to hero to the entire free world. My hats off to you!

Test post

Invite Pool Sweepr, originally uploaded by DrewMyers.

This is just a test post to make sure I've done everything right. If you're wondering what that thing is that we use to keep the pool free of uninvited photos, here it is.

Watch this space...

After nearly 7 months of being dormant the Flickr Big Faves blog will soon be coming back to life! We're looking for volunteers who would like to peruse the pool looking for the best of the best to blog here. If you're interested in helping us out please see this thread if you're interested in helping us out.


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