Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Prepare for winter

prepare for winter

Originally uploaded by bihua

The simplicity and the contrast gives the beauty of this photo. The name gives the photo a big plus!


slurp, originally uploaded by Krumma.

Stare at this picture and just try not to smile for 15 seconds. I don't think it can be done...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Beethoven On the 4th.of July

Originally uploaded by imtoootall

I love shots of eagles...and I think this is a good one.

Pisa OOB

Originally uploaded by jodi_tripp

Just cool and different.

A dream come true

Originally uploaded by Prozac74

A touching family portrait with a neat twist.

The beauty of water #4

Originally uploaded by miqul

Great reflection and a great macro.

The Binns

Originally uploaded by davidqueenan

I really enjoy the odd feeling I get from this. Not quite scary...but definitly a different feeling. Fantastic shot.

Anasazi Pueblo

Originally uploaded by GreyGooseMartini

Just a really interesting shot. I love the light coming through the opening.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Clouds_PICT0037, originally uploaded by W.R. van Straalen.

I love the different ways the 2 kinds of glass reflect the same sky differently in this shot. Very interesting how much texture it adds. Well seen and well captured!!

..::Many kinds of Oranges::..

..::Many kinds of Oranges::.., originally uploaded by xmarkoz.

Amazingly well done! A very unique and interesting creative image! Kudos on this, I just love it! Reminds me of Froot Loops cereal...

Pyramid of horses

Pyramid of horses

Originally uploaded by Birdseye_

This is really unique! You won't have this photo unless you're alerted and be ready all the time. Great job!!

Bohemian rendez-vous

Bohemian rendez-vous, originally uploaded by nicointhebus.

Such atmosphere! Great composition - just an amazing image.

¨O temps! suspends ton vol¨

¨O temps! suspends ton vol¨
Originally uploaded by Malou_24.

Wow! I love the composition here! The sky is great and catching one so close and so many far away adds amazing depth to the shot.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Originally uploaded by carsten42

This is a very well executed long exposure shot. Live the vibrant colors, and it looks like the exposure was just long enough to get a smooth effect with uniform brightness. I probably wouldn't have thought to do this myself. This is GREAT!

Dew Drops

Dew Drops

Originally uploaded by violet021581

WOW! What a creative and phenomenal use of selective color! This reminds me of how precious and life giving water is. It's really drops of life were seeing here...

Steam in the endless valley

Steam in the endless valley

Originally uploaded by LynchburgVirginia

This is just a beautiful shot of a beautiful place and is very well captured and very well seen!

The Sip

 The sip

Originally uploaded by Anna Pagnacco

Alerted with a little bit doubt. Anna properly ceased the moment!

Be careful honey....

Originally uploaded by JennyHuang

Finding Nemo really made these fish popular...plus it is a great shot.


Originally uploaded by xrcdan

Such amazing clarity and details. A truly mesmerizing image!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On Your Marks...

On Your Marks...

Originally uploaded by Edgar Thissen

Had to laugh at this one. I hate to get political but it reminded me of a certain US President and British Prime Minister who shall remain nameless... :-)



Originally uploaded by Motja

I just love the honey colored glow, and the perspective so high above water is very unique.


Originally uploaded by deborah lattimore

I just love the mood of this shot and the strength of the lines of the grass against that polorized sky. Striking image!

9 til 5

Originally uploaded by GazzaP

A hard worker...apparently even bees have 9 to 5 jobs.



Originally uploaded by Ralf Stockmann

I just really love the colors here and sort of random glance captured forever feel this gives me. It's an image without a point and it is proud of it - that's what makes this image so amusing. Great job!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Half Dome

Half Dome

Originally uploaded by SdosRemedios

SdosRemedios describes this work as follows: This is a polar projection of Half Dome from Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, California. It is a composite of 13 photographs.

First, you have to view this in original size to fully appreciate it! This reminds me of how small and fragile our world is. Everyone should see this image, it is truly an astounding work of art!

Did someone say S.M.U.G. Frog?

Did someone say S.M.U.G. Frog?

Originally uploaded by carf

Are you looking at me, little one?
It's cute, indeed!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Originally uploaded by slow guns

Captivating photo, I want to stare for hours!

Tres manos y un sombrero

Tres manos y un sombrero

Originally uploaded by *Christine Lebrasseur

This photo is really dramatic!
It keeps me staring at the picture and expecting the next movement.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Fire Canoe #2

Fire Canoe #2

Originally uploaded by peter bowers

Very peaceful, very colorful and great composition!



Originally uploaded by thee linen

See's really a cute little girl! Great tone and clear image.

vivid uprising

vivid uprising

Originally uploaded by spiicytuna

Wow is all I have to say to this one. I love the vivid colors, looks like a postcard!

Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate

Originally uploaded by ancawonka

ancawonka described this image as follows: This reflection of the sky was shot in Chicago, at the sculpture known as the "Cloud Gate" (but which everyone just calls "The Bean"). It's a highly reflective polished chrome (?) sculpture. If you look in my photo stream at the photo just before this one, you can see the whole sculpture.

I think the streaks in the lower right are dirt on the surface of the sculpture from where people touched it. I wasn't sure if I should leave them in or not - but I think without them, this looks like just a photoshop effect, when, in fact, it's real life.

I just love the "horizon" of the reflected area and where it intersects with the sky. Very well seen ancawonka!



Originally uploaded by tintinian

What stunning contrasts and colors! WOW!

wine alone

wine alone

Originally uploaded by My Little Johnny Rotten Pony

Stunning use of line, scale and shadow.

Morning Walk

Morning Walk

Originally uploaded by vc_vigilant

I really like the way the light is captured here with the gradiant of colors.

FB #2

FB #2

Originally posted by ILikeFish

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sunrise in Johannesburg

Shot at Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf club in South Africa

Originally posted by deano8

The Empress

The Empress
The Empress, Zahida! Thanks for that shot, i realy like it. Your really sweet and innocent you deserve the best.

Origially uploaded by [leb]

Howard's eye

050511 Howard 006 Eye
Originally uploaded by lasertrimman

I'm a sucker for kitty cats, especially Siamese ones and this one was beautiful. RIP Howard.


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